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Micro-loan slots available as of February 23, 2024: one (1)

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever relieves a believer from a difficulty in this world, Allah will relieve him from his difficulty in the hereafter and Allah will facilitate him in this world and the afterlife." 

Mediation BIP focuses on financial and organizational disputes; however, we thought it would be beneficial to start a micro-loan program in the Philadelphia area to tangibly help Muslims in their daily lives.

This program loans individual Muslims up to $250 for a period of roughly 30 days. There are a maximum of four (4) slots available monthly (assuming borrowers repay on time), that are handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Ideally borrowers will repay the loaned monies promptly, so we can continue to circulate the available funds to many who are in need. The requirements are: the applicant must be Muslim, over the age of 21, reside in the Philly area, are in need of a loan, and have not received or returned funds from this program within the last 30 days. 

We do not ask for any financial records for applicants to prove their financial condition or to have access to the loaned amount when it's due (e.g., payday loan). The applicants and borrowers are asked to be honest in applying and accept responsibility to return the loaned amount. Nor do we charge any interest, late fees, or surcharges!  



How to apply?                     



Please read the sample agreement



Please fill out the webform below accurately. All answers are necessary to be considered for a micro-loan. If a slot is available and you are next in line, we will email you within 48 hours of your webform submission, to confirm your interest, to verify your information, and to send you the micro-loan agreement form. Unfortunately, due to possible volume and administrative assistance, we will not respond to applications past the slots available versus applications submitted. Shukran in advance.