Mediation BIP, LLC

                                     "A Conflict Avoidance & Resolution Company"






What is Mediation?

What is a Demand letter?


Dispute Resolution for Financial and Organizational conflict.

Also, formal writing of Demand letters.


    How do I get in contact with you?

Mediation BIP is a conflict avoidance & resolution company. Employing mediation as a tool to better relationships and to avoid court when applicable. 


WHAT is Mediation?

Mediation is a process, facilitated by an omni-partial party, guiding people from conflict to resolution.



There are generally 3 reasons WHY people participate in mediation:

1. Court ordered: When a plaintiff and a defendant (or two parties) are going through a legal matter, a judge may order them to participate in mediation.


2. Contractual: Normally contracts have clauses. And one of those clauses may be that the parties to the contract will participate in mediation before pursuing any legal options with a court of competent jurisdiction.


3. Voluntary: When someone has a dispute, they may choose to seek mediation before suing the other party because of mediation's lower cost (normally), non-adversarial process, confidentiality, time flexibilty and that THE PARTIES DECIDE THE OUTCOME. The other party may choose mediation rather than taking its chances on being sued in a court of law.



If you have a conflict/dispute that you would like resolved through mediation or a demand letter, please contact us at: 484-447-1546 or or go to the 'contact' page and fill out the webform.