Mediation BIP, LLC

                                     "A Conflict Avoidance & Resolution Company"






What is Mediation?

 A process, facilitated by an omni-partial party, guiding people from conflict to resolution.

Is Mediation the same as Arbitration?

NO! Mediation is client/party driven; therefore, the parties decide the outcome/results. On the other hand with Arbitration, the parties present their case to an arbitrator for a decision. 


What if someone already filed a lawsuit?

It depends on how far along in the process the parties are for us to participate.

Please e-mail us with more information.

How do I add a Mediation clause to a contract (buying/selling, landlord/tenant, partnership agreement, employment)?

You should always seek legal counsel before drafting and/or adding a clause to a contract!

However, the following should suffice:

'The parties agree that if there arise a dispute as to the details and/or interpretation of this contract, the parties will employ the services of Mediation BIP, LLC to settle the dispute before engaging with a court of competent jurisdiction."

What if I don't want to fill out a web-form?

Simply send us a detailed e-mail, explaining your dispute to:

Where do the meetings take place?

Our Office: 1924 W. Hunting Park Ave., Phila., PA 19140, with some exceptions.

What if I don't live near or cannot make it to your office?

We can either phone or video conference.

(See Services & Prices).

Are the meetings confidential?

Yes. See 'Privacy & Policy' page.

Are attorneys or legal advisors welcome?

Yes! Anyone that you have accompanying you (up to 2 people) over the age of 18 are welcome as long as they sign a confidentiality agreement form. 



What is a Demand Letter?

It is a formal notice demanding to whom it is addressed, to rectify a dispute in a manner specified in the letter.

How long are the meetings?

In person meetings are normally an hour long.  

Do I contact the other party or do you?

Once you submit a dispute form (or e-mail us the proper info.) and we agree to pursue assisting you in resolving the conflict, we will attempt to contact the other party, to invite them to a confidential mediation session. 

Do you accept cash or personal checks?

Generally no, but you can simply pay thru the website (go to payment).

What if I (we) don't have the money?

We'll work with you to the best of our ability.